About The Write Copywriter


The Write Copywriter© is a privately owned and operated boutique writing business specializing in crafting copy, content, column and collateral writing for the Holistic Health, Healing Arts, Lifestyle, Spiritual and Entertainment industries.

Writing since I was old enough to hold a pencil and a thought™ – I am Christine McDonald, the owner, writer and sole workaholic here at The Write Copywriter© – assisting and inspiring you, your life and your business through writing.

Founded in 2008 by Boston writer, Christine McDonald, The Write Copywriter / Christine McDonald specializes in producing print and online copy, content, column and collateral writing for the Holistic Health, Healing Arts, Lifestyle, Spiritual and Entertainment industries.

The Write Copywriter has been Google’s #1 ranked “Boston holistic writing” website since 2009. And as both a writer and a healing arts teacher,

“Christine strives to contribute to the creation of that which enhances the ambiance and aesthetics of the mind, body, soul and environment”

Combines CREATIVE writing, COPY writing, CONTENT writing, COLUMN writing, SEO writing techniques to craft:

WEB – BLOG – E-LETTER – E-BOOK content
NEWS – REVIEWS – INTERVIEWS – of artists, albums, videos, books, concerts, products, services and merchandise
MARKETING COLLATERAL – print and online
ARTICLES and COLUMNS – specializing in holistic health, healing arts, lifestyle, spirituality and entertainment



USUI REIKI (spiritual energy) HEALING TEACHER – Reiki ‘Round the World™ program

How All This Happened:
I’ve been writing since I was old enough to hold a pencil and a thought™.

Since 1979 I’ve worked in the legal industry as a (live) Court Reporter and/or transcriber.

Then boredom and a repetitive strain injury settled in like the fog.

In my spare time I wrote. I was always writing something for someone…the first to volunteer their pencil to paper.

When the repetitive strain injury finally outweighed my recuperative abilities, someone very dear to me looked me straight in the eye and said…

“You should do something with your writing”

So I took my love of writing, combined it with my belief, understanding and personal use of holistic health, healing arts, spirituality and entertainment, virtually studied like heck, created a writing business and have never looked back. I love what I do because what I do is to assist and inspire you, your life and your business.

Professional Disclaimer:
I must be fair and give you my professional disclaimer:

In a nutshell, I don’t write for scientific, technical or financial arenas. Don’t take it personally. Nothing against you guys. I simply wasn’t gifted in those areas. Believe me, all my math and science teachers would concur.

The Epilogue:
The Write Copywriter Makes a Difference™ so do drop in and let’s chat about how my writing services and/or programs can assist you to promote, support or sell your product, service, idea, artist, event, cause or self.

My heart, mind and front door are always open – the invitation’s on the mat – stop by – I look forward to meeting you!



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